Simplifying High Potential Employee (HIPO) Identification Within Your Organization

Managing high potential talent (HIPO) can bring up to 300% improvement in productivity of your workforce. For a HIPO program to be successful, it must start with seeking clarity on the current and future talent needs of the organization. Also keeping understanding organization and the external talent market dynamics is equally important.

Rankskills  provides a universal decision support framework and end-to-end system to simplify the process. We provide system, consulting and support services to identify to HIPOs within your organization. We have  research driven methodology and customizable system platform to analyze employees based on several performance and competency parameters. We deliver customized solutions as per our client specific requirements.

A high potential employee is the one who can handle a larger set of responsibilities than what they are currently handling and  competent enough to surpass  the normal timeframe to the next level of job.  They are able to undertake complex roles or cross functional roles and have the leadership qualities to deliver expected results.

The HIPO has something extra that sets them apart and makes them hold promise for future. They are the ones the leadership team believes can take up senior leadership role. So, it is clear that while identifying HIPO, the primary focus is on potential, the performance is considered as eligibility criteria and as a differentiator to be included in the list of employees to be assessed.

Our approach  is to build HIPO framework based on organizational needs of the client. We build a statistical model (competency index definition) combining relevant competency and performance parameters.

Our system has capability to take input data from several sources, structure the data and use artificial intelligence to present HIPO matrix with a click of a button. The system provides complete flexibility to build HIPO models for multiple roles / levels within the organization.

We use NINE BOX matrix ( Competence & Performance Analysis) for HIPO information visualization.


Performance could be based on : technical abilities , job related subject matter expertise, ability to manage workplace relationships or any other performance parameter

Competence could be based on ability to  grow to the next level, leadership role competencies and most importantly self-motivation to take bigger challenges.

We strongly believe that  that ‘potential’ is context, organization’s culture, strategy and future leadership demands dependent, We take special precaution to build these factors while delivering HIPO solution to our clients.


About Rankskills

Rankskills offers integrated workforce performance analytics solution, which includes.

  • Ready-To-Use Competency Assessment System
  • Ready-To-Use Employee Survey & Feedback Tool
  • Ready-To-Use Workforce Analytics System Platform
  • Ready-To-Use Framework And Consultative Support.
  • We Help Companies For Executive Search & Head Hunting Right Talent.



Regards& Thanks


Chetan Thakre

Founder ,CEO, rankskills

BE(Mechanical), MBA(Finance), PMP (Project Management), MS(Counselling &Psychology)

Mobile- +91 8446898080 (India), +971 50 9778462 (Dubai)



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