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Rankskills is working with a leading specialty steel product manufacturer to improve productivity by 50% using operations analytics

Context  :

Our client is one of the leading specialty steel product manufacturer in India. In spite of signing productivity improvement agreement with union for over a year, client is not able to achieve the desired productivity targets.  A blame-game has started among the  stakeholders due to lack of objective analysis to track the real issues.

The client neither  wants to increase the installed capacity nor the headcount. The client has decided to work with Rankskills to achieve targeted 50% productivity improvement with systematic root cause analysis using deeper data analytics.

Purpose Of Engagement:

Rankskills is a data science company helping clients to covert data into a competitive advantage.  The purpose of the engagement is use our deeper business analysis capabilities to achieve operational excellence.


Rankskills Solution :

Client has agreed to implement our incremental analysis-to-analytics approach to achieve productivity improvement target of 50% over next one year. The pilot with be implemented  in one of their line. Subsequently the solution will be implemented across the entire operation once validated for the selected line.

Our solution includes following

– Automate operational data capture with minimal manual intervention

– Operations analysis & reporting which includes but not limited to machine and operator productivity analysis

– Breakdown, preventive maintenance and abnormality analysis.

– Regression analysis  between production, operator performance and machine uptime

– Predictive analytics for machine spare parts and components

– Assisting client to set-up product size-wise operational standards


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Our services includes:

– Ready-to-configure business analytics and workforce analytics system for performance improvement  and proactive planning.

– Customer specific data automation solutions to eliminate wasteful time spent by employees on data compilation from multiple sources

– Executive search and competence assessment services

Simplifying High Potential Employee (HIPO) Identification Within Your Organization

Managing high potential talent (HIPO) can bring up to 300% improvement in productivity of your workforce. For a HIPO program to be successful, it must start with seeking clarity on the current and future talent needs of the organization. Also keeping understanding organization and the external talent market dynamics is equally important.

Rankskills  provides a universal decision support framework and end-to-end system to simplify the process. We provide system, consulting and support services to identify to HIPOs within your organization. We have  research driven methodology and customizable system platform to analyze employees based on several performance and competency parameters. We deliver customized solutions as per our client specific requirements.

A high potential employee is the one who can handle a larger set of responsibilities than what they are currently handling and  competent enough to surpass  the normal timeframe to the next level of job.  They are able to undertake complex roles or cross functional roles and have the leadership qualities to deliver expected results.

The HIPO has something extra that sets them apart and makes them hold promise for future. They are the ones the leadership team believes can take up senior leadership role. So, it is clear that while identifying HIPO, the primary focus is on potential, the performance is considered as eligibility criteria and as a differentiator to be included in the list of employees to be assessed.

Our approach  is to build HIPO framework based on organizational needs of the client. We build a statistical model (competency index definition) combining relevant competency and performance parameters.

Our system has capability to take input data from several sources, structure the data and use artificial intelligence to present HIPO matrix with a click of a button. The system provides complete flexibility to build HIPO models for multiple roles / levels within the organization.

We use NINE BOX matrix ( Competence & Performance Analysis) for HIPO information visualization.


Performance could be based on : technical abilities , job related subject matter expertise, ability to manage workplace relationships or any other performance parameter

Competence could be based on ability to  grow to the next level, leadership role competencies and most importantly self-motivation to take bigger challenges.

We strongly believe that  that ‘potential’ is context, organization’s culture, strategy and future leadership demands dependent, We take special precaution to build these factors while delivering HIPO solution to our clients.


About Rankskills

Rankskills offers integrated workforce performance analytics solution, which includes.

  • Ready-To-Use Competency Assessment System
  • Ready-To-Use Employee Survey & Feedback Tool
  • Ready-To-Use Workforce Analytics System Platform
  • Ready-To-Use Framework And Consultative Support.
  • We Help Companies For Executive Search & Head Hunting Right Talent.



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Chetan Thakre

Founder ,CEO, rankskills

BE(Mechanical), MBA(Finance), PMP (Project Management), MS(Counselling &Psychology)

Mobile- +91 8446898080 (India), +971 50 9778462 (Dubai)


Three Critical Considerations While Selecting Right Talent Analytics Solution

Talent  Analytics  is winning hearts and mind of people managers across the globe. While many organizations extensively use Analytics  in business functions including Supply Chain, Finance and Marketing. Till date  organizations  have taken little advantage of Analytics in the Human Resources  management area. But after seeing fascinating results of  analytics from early adopters, many progressive organizations are  taking right steps in building data driven  culture while  making critical decisions in HR domains like hiring and hi potential identification. Experts continue to emphasize the importance of analytics for HR to transform itself into a more effective resource for the organization.

Following are the three critical considerations  while selecting right Talent Analytics Software

Choose a system platform that will create high impact for the business, not HR.

There is a lot of talent technology software to choose from nowadays, and it can be kind of overwhelming. The most common mistake HR professionals make when choosing talent technology is settling for something that comes pre-loaded with a bunch of bells and whistles because on the surface, it looks like a good fit. Unfortunately, bigger isn’t always better. Especially when you’re trying to provide a strategic return on investment relative to the talent technology you purchase. You want to focus your efforts on platforms that produce the highest yields, not something that can do a lot overall, but is overpriced for your needs. Choose a system  platform that will not only useful for HR but also create high impact for the business as a whole.

Evaluate  customization and  data integration capabilities

Data is a key for any workforce analytics system. Easier  is the data integration with other systems in the company, easier is the system implementation. On the other hand the system need to be customized especially on reporting and analysis side.  Hence thoroughly evaluate customization and data integration capabilities for the platforms under review.

Use analytics platform which can bring data driven culture in the organization.

If you want to drive ROI on technology investment, you better be able bring  more data-driven mindset among the stakeholders. Although it may take some time to adjust to this mentality, data is the key to translating your numbers into what matters most to your business – money.

The  technology platform will come pre-packaged  metrics, which should make the transformation easier. One of the first items on your list before you take the plunge and purchase a technology platform should be sitting down with the stakeholders and designing success metrics for workforce analytics. Even if you don’t have a set of metrics prior to using talent technology, it would be wise to create a list before you choose the solution. If you design a plan beforehand, you can share those details with your executive team to help with buy-in.

Rankskills provides ready-to-use system and consulting support for workforce analytics.

 Rankskills offers integrated talent management system and services.

  • We provide ready-to-use Competency Assessment System
  • We provide ready-to-use  Employee Survey & Feedback System
  • We provide ready-to-use Workforce Analytics system platform
  • We build customized talent management systems & consultative support.
  • We help companies for executive search & head hunting right talent.


Regards& Thanks



Chetan Thakre

Founder ,CEO, rankskills

BE(Mechanical), MBA(Finance), PMP (Project Management), MS(Counselling &Psychology)

Mobile- +91 8446898080 (India), +971 50 9778462 (UAE)


Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Diversity

Is  “Improving Diversity” is just a buzzword or can become a strategic tool to “Gain Competitive Advantage” in the competitive market place?

The real answer comes from within the organization, its culture and most importantly from people-to-people interaction at all levels. One thing is certain with increasing globalization, organizations need to be ready to manage diversity affirmatively competing within a global framework.

Following benefits can be harnessed if organization uses diversity to gain competitive advantage,

1) Talents, skills and experiences from  individuals from diverse backgrounds .

2)  Build culture of  innovation while working alongside people of different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, creative concepts .

3) Grow  talent pool by  attracting  a wider range of candidates to yourr vacancies, as you  will be viewed as more progressive organization

5) Improves employee performance as employees are more likely to feel comfortable and happy in an environment where inclusivity is a priority.

However there are certain challenges to managing a diverse workforce.  Managing diversity is more than simply acknowledging differences in people. It involves recognizing the value of differences, combating discrimination, and promoting inclusiveness. Managers may also be challenged with losses in personnel and work productivity due to prejudice and discrimination, as well as complaints and legal actions Negative attitudes and behaviors can be barriers to organizational diversity because they can harm working relationships and damage morale and work productivity .

There are 7 factors related to workforce diversity whose impact on organization performance must be analyzed. The factors are Age diversity , Gender diversity , Organizational tenure diversity , Educational diversity , work experience diversity , Regional diversity and Religion diversity.

Managing Diversity

Unfortunately, there is no single recipe for success management of diversity. Combination of following factors will decide the organizational success or failure in managing diversity

. – Management need to have willingness  to change the organization culture to effectively manage diversity  at the workplace

– Managers must understand that fairness is not necessarily equality. Managing diversity is about more than equal employment opportunity and affirmative action

– Employees are imparted with necessary  skills for creating and working with a successful, diverse workforce

Companies need a right tool to  analyze impact of diversity on the organization performance and moral of the employee.

Rankskills provides system, consulting and support to analyze impact of diversity at multiple organization levels on  key organizational performance parameters.


Rankskills offers integrated talent management system and services.

  • We provide ready-to-use Competency Assessment System
  • We provide ready-to-use  Employee Survey & Feedback System
  • We provide ready-to-use Workforce Analytics system platform
  • We build customized talent management systems & consultative support.
  • We help companies for executive search & head hunting right talent.