Rankskills is working with a leading specialty steel product manufacturer to improve productivity by 50% using operations analytics

Context  :

Our client is one of the leading specialty steel product manufacturer in India. In spite of signing productivity improvement agreement with union for over a year, client is not able to achieve the desired productivity targets.  A blame-game has started among the  stakeholders due to lack of objective analysis to track the real issues.

The client neither  wants to increase the installed capacity nor the headcount. The client has decided to work with Rankskills to achieve targeted 50% productivity improvement with systematic root cause analysis using deeper data analytics.

Purpose Of Engagement:

Rankskills is a data science company helping clients to covert data into a competitive advantage.  The purpose of the engagement is use our deeper business analysis capabilities to achieve operational excellence.


Rankskills Solution :

Client has agreed to implement our incremental analysis-to-analytics approach to achieve productivity improvement target of 50% over next one year. The pilot with be implemented  in one of their line. Subsequently the solution will be implemented across the entire operation once validated for the selected line.

Our solution includes following

– Automate operational data capture with minimal manual intervention

– Operations analysis & reporting which includes but not limited to machine and operator productivity analysis

– Breakdown, preventive maintenance and abnormality analysis.

– Regression analysis  between production, operator performance and machine uptime

– Predictive analytics for machine spare parts and components

– Assisting client to set-up product size-wise operational standards


Please Contact Us If You Need More Information

Contact Information : +91 8446898080 (India) , +971 50 9778462 (UAE), feedback@rankskills.in

Please Visit Our Website :  https://rankskills.in/

Our services includes:

– Ready-to-configure business analytics and workforce analytics system for performance improvement  and proactive planning.

– Customer specific data automation solutions to eliminate wasteful time spent by employees on data compilation from multiple sources

– Executive search and competence assessment services

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