Linking HR Data With Organizational Performance

Organizations accumulate sizable amount of  data throughout employee life cycle. As per once survey there are over 200 data points collected by an organization about an employee. The employee data can be broadly classified as administrative data, performance data, competency data and employee feedback.

Very few of these data points are connected with organizational performance. HR analytics not only enables HR managers to improve their operations but also help making right decisions regarding organization performance.

  1. Keep A Pulse On Employee Performance : People don’t do what you expect but what you inspect. But for any employee driven organization it’s simply not viable to address performance issues once in a year. Thankfully, HR analytics can help to identify areas in which employees need to improve and this gives leaders the opportunity to guide those they’re responsible for.
  2. Improving Managerial Decision Making : In today’s competitive business environment the decision makers need to critically balance the external competitive pressures and internal capabilities. On one side there is market competition, efficiency issues, pressure to reduce costs, customer satisfaction. And on the other side there are internal capabilities with human capital. HR analytics will help to steer the employees in the right direction far more effectively
  3. Predicting Future State: Its always great to stay ahead of issues that may arise in the future. Predictive HR analysis is essentially the closet thing you could have. HR data analytics software enables your business to spot emerging trends in employee turnover, employee productivity and other vital performance indicators. This makes it far easier to put a preventive and corrective plans in place that can address issues before they affect your.


About Rankskills

Rankskills offers integrated talent management system and services.

  • We provide ready-to-use Competency Assessment System
  • We provide ready-to-use  Employee Survey & Feedback System
  • We provide ready-to-use HR Analytics system platform
  • We build customized talent management systems & consultative support.
  • We help companies for executive search & head hunting right talent.



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